Simply Yoga Oxford 

Morning and lunch time small yoga classes in the heart of East Oxford

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 Online and outdoor Classes

Friendly and adaptable classes, designed around you

Come to work on your strength, coordination, balance and flexibility and find  inner space, calm and peace.

Pilates Stretches

Vinyasa Flow Online or Outdoor Weather permitting)

Monday morning  9.30-10:30 am

Focus on body alignment and breath as we move through postures before finishing with a guided yoga relaxation

Hatha yoga Online

Wednesday lunchtime 5.00- 6.00 pm

Mindful movement for strengthening, balancing and flexibility before finishing with a guided yoga relaxation

Pilates Work Out
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Vinyasa yoga Online

Friday morning 10.00-11:00 pm

Focus on body alignment and breath as we move through postures before finishing with a guided yoga relaxation

Vinyasa Flow and Hatha yoga 



We start with a warm up followed by a series of asanas in coordination with the breath and finish with a guided relaxation.


Vinyasa is a dynamic and creative yoga class that links breath and poses in a flowing organic movement.

Hatha is a slow yoga that focus on a gentle transition from pose to awareness. 

Both styles have numerous pose variation in the pose and are aimed to be accessible to anyone regardless of flexibility, strength, balance, age and experience. 

The classes are open to everyone who is curious to try yoga for the first time and more experienced yogis and offer a combination of the Patanjali's classical 8 limbs of yoga including yoga philosophy (yama and niyama), asana (poses), pranayama (breathing) and meditation techniques.  

If you have any current or past injuries please contact us before attending a class so we can ensure your safety.

 New Pricing

For online and outdoor classes only, a 6 classes pass for 6 weeks (3 classes a week available) is 42£

If you miss one week you can always catch up later!

Wishing you all the best

Mats, blocks, blankets and cushions provided. Free filtered water and herbal tea available on request.

Term booking


Discounted rate and guarantee a place each week.

Start dates: 6th Jan (6 weeks), 24th Feb (6 weeks), 20th Apr (5 weeks), 1st June (7 weeks)

*Concessions are available on request: 



Flexible, can be booked up to a week in advance dependent on availability.

Please note booking essential to check availability 



*Concessions are available on request: 

Private Classes

 From £45

A personalised class at time and place that suits you, including one -to-one tuition, groups and workplace



I have started practicing yoga in 2002 in my late twentys when I was looking for something but I wasn't t sure exactly what.

In the yoga practice I felt immediately at home, the gentle and mindful movements linked with the breathing had a profound benefits on my all well being.

Since then I have practiced yoga in Rome (Hatha), Leeds (Iyengar) and Oxford (Hatha, Vinyasa and Astanga) with different teachers to whom I am thoroughly grateful for.

I am also very grateful to the Yoga Quota team with whom I have enjoyed studing for my Yoga Teacher Training, RTY200 Yoga Alliance. 

I have spent most of my career working as a researcher in Biology and I have a particular interest in the science aspect of yoga and its effects on the muscular and nervous system and how this in turn affect our well-being. 

I see the yoga system as an invaluable self care practice,  to recenter and rebalance body

and mind, helping to expand our awareness to rediscover a sense of unity in ourselves and in the world around us.


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Yoga Studio, Tara yoga centre, 193 Cowley Rd, Second floor, Crown house 
(entrance on East Avenue)

0X4 1UT

0773 0562789

@simplyyogaoxford (Instagram)

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Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

I started my first Simply yoga class last October 2020 and have been going since then. 

Daniela is a fantastic teacher, she is friendly warm and caring for everyone wanting to follow a Yoga practice. She always pay individual attention topple in the class. I really enjoy the class and always leave feeling calm and relaxed.

Yoga Mats

I am really happy to attend Simplyyoga. Daniela is a warm and welcoming teacher, who takes time to find out about you, and can give alternative versions of exercises to suit your needs.  I have found my flexibility increasing and feel more toned. As well as the yoga exercise, she incorporates, breathing exercises, and finishing with relaxation. So at the end of the class I feel toned refreshed and calm. 

Women Stretching

Recently I experienced knee trouble, but didn’t want to loose the benefits of the yoga class. Therefore Daniela kindly took time to research chair yoga and developed alternative chair yoga exercises for me. The chair exercises were still effective at toning, without stress on the knees. Many thanks Daniela, I am so grateful to be able to continue with the benefits of your yoga class. 

I feel so much fitter and mentally soothed afterwards, the instructions are caring and supportive.