I started my first Simply yoga class last October 2020 and have been going since then. 

Daniela is a fantastic teacher, she is friendly warm and caring for everyone wanting to follow a Yoga practice. She always pay individual attention topple in the class. I really enjoy the class and always leave feeling calm and relaxed. 

I am really happy to attend Simplyyoga. Daniela is a warm and welcoming teacher, who takes time to find out about you, and can give alternative versions of exercises to suit your needs.  I have found my flexibility increasing and feel more toned. As well as the yoga exercise, she incorporates, breathing exercises, and finishing with relaxation. So at the end of the class I feel toned refreshed and calm. 

Recently I experienced knee trouble, but didn’t want to loose the benefits of the yoga class. Therefore Daniela kindly took time to research chair yoga and developed alternative chair yoga exercises for me. The chair exercises were still effective at toning, without stress on the knees. Many thanks Daniela, I am so grateful to be able to continue with the benefits of your yoga class. 

The yoga with Daniela feels effective and leave me always feeling well. The classes are great. I feel so much fitter and mentally soothed afterwards, the instructions are caring and supportive!